Loop Surveys is a leading provider of research studies for consumers across North America.

Loop Surveys was established in 2017 by The Logit Group, an accredited Canadian research company, as a tool for companies to better understand the opinions of North American consumers. Since it’s inception, Loop Surveys has grown to over 250,000 members, spanning the entire North American continent.

Loop Survey members take part in online market research studies on a wide variety of topics. For every study one of our members complete they get paid cash!

There is no cost to participate on Loop Surveys.


The Logit Group, founders of Loop Surveys, are gold seal members of the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) as well as standing members of The Insights Association. We adhere strictly to their guidelines and regulations for conducting market research.


We are fully compliant with both US and Canadian anti spam legislation. You will only receive market research relevant emails from us and your email will never be shared with a third party client.


The answers that you provide us are completely confidential and will never be shared. All answers provided will be shared in aggregate and your personal information will never be attached or associated with the data. Please click here to review our privacy policy.